Allie Motherhood Film Session


I’m sitting here writing this post in a t-shirt that is one size too big with a ketchup stain on it and gray sweatpants with one-too-many holes that should really never be worn in public. I’m rocking my two-month-old baby in a rock-n-play with my foot and watching the monitor to make sure my daughter is still sleeping, all while sipping on Dr. Pepper to try to keep myself awake. This is real motherhood – the ugly, tiring, everyday moments. But in these everyday, seemingly mundane stages is when the relationship with your kids grows and you get to help them learn their colors, go potty on the “big girl potty,” and watch their little minds work as they solve puzzles and wonder why Dumbo is sad when he falls.

Being a mom is the hardest and most rewarding thing… but that doesn’t even come close to really putting it into words. This year, I want to celebrate motherhood in a more special way. For me, I am always behind the camera, behind the scenes, not getting many images with my littles in those candid, beautiful moments. I want to change that for you! Believe me, I love sweatpants and t-shirts (just ask my husband), but I think it’s important to have a little bit of time to get dressed up with your kids and document the crazy stage of life that you are in, and most importantly, celebrate being a mom.

I’m so excited to be offering Motherhood Mini Sessions this year! I’ll be posting more details about the sessions in the next week, but for now I hope you enjoy these images from a recent motherhood session with my friend and her two boys.

If you are interested in having a motherhood session, shoot me an email at and I’ll be sure to send you information as soon as it is released and reserve a spot for you ahead of time.


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